Create the "WOW Factor" with Walker Office Works


Walker Office Works specializes in custom woodworking solutions for commercial and institutional clients. With decades of experience in high end woodworking, we deliver the “WOW factor” in work of exceptional quality, aesthetic distinction and uncompomised functionality.


WOW offers a complete range of products and services:


·         Our SCS (Standard Conferencing Solutions) line of easily specified and customizable conference tables and credenzas

·         Our TCS (Tailored Conferencing Solutions) line for conferencing falling outside of SCS’s material, dimensional and functional parameters

·         Our SDS (Singular Design Solutions) for reception desks, workwalls, media centers, or whatever other unique pieces your project requires

·         Expert technical assistance during the design phase, project visualization through renderings before fabrication, and dead-on estimating and scheduling

·         Shipping and installation throughout North America